About Us

Who are we?

This site was started by 4 friends. We had a 4 way informal mailing group were we would chat and share ideas and many other things. The email group would fluctuate in size as other friends and family would join in on the conversations going on.

At some point we noticed at least half of the emails were about cheap but not nasty stuff we had found around the web. This is when the idea for the site was born. We never turned it into a Facebok group or anything like that. It never got that formal but we do now have a FB page which is located here.

One thing we all had in common was we didn't want what everyone else had. We didn't want brands other people were wearing. We wanted to be individual and find quirky little things around the web.

We now share what we find here on the web site. The range is eclectic and is aimed at girls, ladies and women who want nice things but want them at a reasonable price.